C.B.T (Compulsory Basic Training)

The C.B.T is a basic training course designed to teach you a safe level of riding on either a 50cc moped or 125cc scooter or motorcycle. The course lasts one day and upon completion you will be issued with a DL196 certificate. This certificate validates the ‘L’ entitlement on your driving licence and lasts for 2 years.

At 16 you can take a C.B.T and ride up to a 50cc moped & once you have turned 17 you can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter. You will need to display L plates on both the front and rear of your vehicle, you cannot carry a pillion and you cannot ride on a motorway.

The C.B.T is also used as an introduction to motorcycling if you are training for your full motorcycle licence.

You will need to bring your driving licence with you on the day, be wearing suitable riding clothing, some lunch and payment for the cost of the C.B.T

The day is spilt into several parts which starts with an introduction in our classroom running through the day’s schedule. You will then be shown around a motorcycle or scooter (depending on what you will be riding) so you have a basic understanding of the controls, features and maintenance.

You will then be taken to our training site to learn how to safely manoeuvre the motorcycle or scooter and learn some basic skills including riding and stopping in a straight line & performing a U-turn. Once the instructors are happy you have learnt the basics you will return to the classroom for lunch and to go through some different scenarios you will encounter on the road.

The final part of the C.B.T is on the road. It will last a minimum of 2 hours and is designed to let you experience road riding with other traffic but with the safety of an instructor following you. You will be given an ear piece so the instructor can talk to you while you are riding. Again once the instructor is happy you have reached a safe level of riding you will come back to the classroom and given your C.B.T certificate.